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When it comes to public transport in Berlin, you can rest assured that this city offers you an abundance of choices to make your way around all the districts of Berlin. The excellent public transport system in Berlin offers a thorough interconnected system of S-BahnU-Bahntrams and buses.  A-B Zone public transport pass should be sufficient, as this ticket covers most of the city’s region. For trips that lie outsidethe A-B region you will need to buy a C-Zone extension ticket.


The official BVG (Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe) website defines the three zones (A-B-C) covering the Berlin transport system as follows:

  • Zone A – Berlin’s inner city up to and including the S-Bahn ring
  • Zone B – outside the S-Bahn ring up to the city boundary; Airport Berlin Tegel TXL is located in this zone.
  • Zone C – Greater Berlin area (approx. 15km around the city of Berlin), including the City of Potsdam and Airport Berlin Schönefeld SFX


The yearly Berlin public transportation pass tickets can be purchased either online, on the BVG website, or in-person at a subway station. You will be able to choose whether to pay for the yearly pass on a monthly basis or pay for the whole year upfront.

The VBB-Umweltkare is either 761€ (roughly 63.42€ / month) when billed monthlyor 728€ (60.67€ / month) when billed annually.

If you do not want to commit to Berlin for such a long time you can always rely on one of the options below.

Berlin Public transport prices

  • Single ride ticket (AB Zone) – 2,8€
  • Daily ticket (AB Zone) – 7€
  • 7 Day Pass (AB Zone) – 30€
  • Monthly pass (AB Zone) – 81€

For a complete overview of the detailed pricing options you can follow this link to the pricing sheet on the BVG website.

What means of public transport are being covered by the BVG tickets?

Luckily, Berlin has made getting around the city as simple as possible by making sure that the BVG transportation passes are valid for all public transport systems in Berlin. With a valid BVG ticket you will be able to ride the buses, trams, U-Bahn (Berlin Metro), as well as the S-Bahn.

If you want more information you can visit the homepage of the BVG. The company has done a great job at making all necessary information available in English, so that all non-German speakers can find relevant pricing and travel time information.

A green approach to Berlin city transport

If you like to get in your daily exercise, reduce your carbon footprint and do your part in making this world a greener planet you can of course ride your bicyclethrough Berlin. The various green-spaces and mostly flat landscape make Berlin a great city for biking.

As in most bigger cities, you should be informed that traffic and pedestrians don’t always watch out for bicycles. In Germany cyclists must adhere to the normal traffic regulations and street signs at all times, as well as maintain a “roadworthy” bike with intact lights and brakes.

A failure to stop at stop signs, redlights, or riding your bicycle on pedestrian sidewalks could lead to severe fines.

Last but not least, you should never ever ride your bike when intoxicated! As bicycle drivers in Germany are treated by law as active traffic participants, driving under the influence of alcohol is defined as a criminal offense that could result in arrest, loss of your driver’s license as well as severe monetary fines.