How to find a job in Berlin – Tips & Tricks for Expats The quest to find your dream job in many cases is a tedious and highly stressful time, no matter where in the world you decide to settle in.

By knowing where to look and who to turn to for assistance you can remove a large part of wasted efforts and get in touch with the people that can help you find a relevant job as soon as possible. This short blog will provide you with important knowledge about the local job market and concrete information that will tell you how to find a job in Berlin. Ideally, you will already have made several contacts in Berlin before deciding to come live here. In case you are the spontaneous type, who took the plunge to move to a new city before having a job contract or a freelance work agreement, you will need to know how maximize your chances in finding a job in Berlin.

Resources for your successful job search in Berlin

Berlin is a highly modern city that entails a striving Startup culture that is second to none across Europe. You should rest assured that within Berlin there will be plenty of job opportunities for non-german speakers, both in the corporate world as well as in the start-up scene. No matter your job experience or the field you specialize in, Berlin will have something to offer to you. Business related skills such as business development, marketing, PR, finance, accounting or office management are always in demand. Make sure to polish your personal elevator pitch and include all relevant experiences, past jobs, skills and languages on your CV, and you will soon be able to find a job in this vibrant city. Some of the best resources to turn to for attractive job listings can be found below.

Agentur für Arbeit – Unemployment office

The local unemployment office is one of the first places you should visit if you do not already have contacts in Berlin. Here you can register as a job seeker, inquire about possible benefits or aid as well as get consultations on how to go about your job search. The unemployment office will be able to discuss with you what types of documents you need to present to potential employers during the job application process. Furthermore, they will assist in informing you about local norms for CV & cover letter layouts. This way you will not make a negative first impression when applying for jobs in Berlin.

Online job search:

Websites with job listings as well as various tips and tricks on how to find a job in Berlin:

Platforms you should create a profile on to showcase your CV & follow job postings


Best Facebook groups for networking & finding a job in Berlin:

Industrie und Handelskammer zu Berlin (IHK Berlin) – Chamber of Commerce

If you are looking to start working for yourself and found a company the IHK Berlin is your best place to go for a free consultation. The representatives of the local chamber of commerce will provide you with advice on how to start your own company or what you need to know about working as a tradesperson (Gewerbe).

Networking events

In Berlin you can rely on countless networking events taking place on a monthly basis. You should definitely give these events a chance and visit a few of them, as it will be a great resource for you to gain local connections and to find like-minded people. You will learn about the local startup scene, see what companies are hiring and what type of jobs or candidate profiles are in demand. If no interesting job opportunities present themselves to you at these networking events, you might still walk away with new contacts and newly acquired friends to meet-up with in your spare time.

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